Tiny Home for Cats

The idea of this project sounds crazy, but it has to happen. When my incredible mom passed away from cancer in 2020, she was still fostering multiple cats. Three of these cats have difficult behavioral challenges, so I was not prepared to welcome them to our home. I have been traveling thousands of miles since my mom passed away just to care for them. This is not sustainable (at all), so I needed a solution.

The “playhouse” we purchased was built like a house, so it has a lot of potential.

I have a few things on my wish list for our renovation:

Paint exterior
Taupe-y painted cabinets like this or this
We got lucky and found gently used cabinets for an entire kitchen for $700
Glossy white/marble tile flooring + 1/2 wall
Slat wall divider + barn door

Building a Rustic Hidden Garden Trail

Issac decided to put some of our recently downed trees to use by creating posts out of them.

He took the bark off of them, coated them with urethane and added tar to the bottoms for our new trail feature.

We aren’t done with the landscaping and lighting, so check back for updates!

Designing A Bunny Space

I have had several foster rabbits over the years, but I was never in the position to foster fail any of them…until now.

I always used inexpensive, temporary setups like a large dog XXL x-pen lined with $3 fleece blankets.

My foster failure Quinoa became extremely clean and tidy shortly after she was spayed. She isn’t destructive and doesn’t have a habit of chewing inappropriately because she has plenty of bunny-safe things to chew on.

Quinoa enjoys having velvet blankets, bunny rugs, and cat beds in her space. I am planning a major upgrade so we can finally bond her with a bunny friend!

She currently has a setup that includes a transparent playpen, a castle by Bunny Beds & Beyond, an XL litter box with my favorite litter & plenty of timothy hay, bunny-safe things to chew, and a variety of interactive toys.

My current foster Chia is very particular about what litter she will use. She was only 9 months and was not spayed when I took her in, so training her has been a difficult process.

A lot of bunny experts recommend using untreated wood pellets as litter, but Chia did not like them. I finally found this wheat litter, and it’s fantastic.

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The Design

I fell in love with The Legend of the Jackalope wallpaper by Walls Need Love, so it’s going to be the main focus.

Quinoa already has this bunny rug that I got on clearance last year.

Until I can build a bunny-safe area with glass, Quinoa’s space will be enclosed in a durable (and expandable) x-pen that I used to use as a mobile fencing area for my dogs.

Things That I Don’t Need (But They’re Cute)

Check back or follow this design journey on Instagam for updates!

Entryway Refresh

Updated dog room setup coming soon!

Fostering (and foster failing) animals in need back-to-back can make things VERY unorganized very quickly. My “forever dogs” accumulated way too many things that they really don’t need that sat in storage bins for months, so I decided to put their essential gear where it’s easy to access.

My permanent rescued/adopted canine residents Fred and Fiona (who I recently found out are long lost siblings!), Freja and Josie all have matching Coastal Inspire Harnesses, so I needed a functional way to hang them up in my entryway where it would be easy to grab them since we’re always going somewhere together.

I also have a few accessories/supplies that I keep in their emergency bags. The totes make it a little cluttered looking, but I’m glad that they’re right there when I need them!

This project was SO INEXPENSIVE! I got the sleek black frames on clearance at Ross for under $10 each, but you can find the same style at places like Michaels. If I wasn’t drowning in unwanted animals, I would use something like this instead.

I chose matte black hardware with 2 hooks for the harness + bag + leash. There are so many styles to choose from, but I found these for under $4 each!

Add treat containers to a floating shelf , table or credenza