2020 Treat Glow Up

Josie (aka Bibbin’) was able to participate in an outdoor, socially distanced “pit bull only” obedience class that was organized by Apple Valley Pit Crew over the summer, but she hasn’t been able to do anything since. Ya girl has started to resemble a potato.

If she could create her own schedule, she’d have a snack every 5 minutes, watch TV, take 20 naps, and would only “do her business” 2 feet from the door. I *know* that she has been through some rough times, so I did not anticipate this level of entitlement…but here we are!

She is intelligent, stubborn, difficult, pushy and needy…but food motivated. Positive reinforcement helps her anxiety and mental stimulation, so she needed a treat that breaks apart easily that she loves so we can work on dropping her weight before the snow hits. Naked Southern Californians and cold weather don’t mix, so she’ll be under layers of fleece and blankets until May.

I usually go through products until I find my favorite (and the animals do not mind), and the winner is Raised Right. I can break them up into tiny pieces so Josie can have 5 separate rewards out of one chip. Fiona can be obnoxiously picky, but she loooooves them. Freja is on a limited ingredient diet, so this treat is perfect for her — it only has 1 ingredient. It’s also a treat for both dogs and cats, so we don’t have to have containers scattered all over the house.

The chips fit perfectly in Zip Top silicone bags that I am obsessed with. They’re reusable, freezer safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Pairing efficient products together makes life with a herd of rejects so much easier.