Entryway Refresh

Updated dog room setup coming soon!

Fostering (and foster failing) animals in need back-to-back can make things VERY unorganized very quickly. My “forever dogs” accumulated way too many things that they really don’t need that sat in storage bins for months, so I decided to put their essential gear where it’s easy to access.

My permanent rescued/adopted canine residents Fred and Fiona (who I recently found out are long lost siblings!), Freja and Josie all have matching Coastal Inspire Harnesses, so I needed a functional way to hang them up in my entryway where it would be easy to grab them since we’re always going somewhere together.

I also have a few accessories/supplies that I keep in their emergency bags. The totes make it a little cluttered looking, but I’m glad that they’re right there when I need them!

This project was SO INEXPENSIVE! I got the sleek black frames on clearance at Ross for under $10 each, but you can find the same style at places like Michaels. If I wasn’t drowning in unwanted animals, I would use something like this instead.

I chose matte black hardware with 2 hooks for the harness + bag + leash. There are so many styles to choose from, but I found these for under $4 each!

Add treat containers to a floating shelf , table or credenza