Josie (aka Bibbin’) got her nickname from the show Bojack Horseman

Josie was found when she was loose in San Bernadino, CA and ended up at animal control. The shelter was full, so she was at risk of losing her life for space when no one claimed her.

She made it out alive because a local rescue pulled her. Unfortunately, she ended up with people that did not deserve to have a dog, so she and other dogs were severely neglected.

She made it safely to Wisconsin to be our foster…but she never left and became an official foster failure.

Nickname: Bibbin’ Bib, Bibbler, Bibblin’ & Jo

Hobbies: Snoring, snuggling, being a kleptomaniac, yelling BAAARRROOO, and searching for food.

Fun Facts: She is 100% American Bully — our 2nd purebred rescue! She is missing quite a few teeth and has a pretty obvious overbite.


Freja was adopted from Playing Again Sams, a Samoyed rescue in Wisconsin.

She is loud, bossy and a sensitive cloud monster.

Nickname: Lil Sh*t, Fluffy Cloud Monster, Fre, Floofree

Hobbies: Yelling, trying to steal paper from the garbage, patrolling her land, cleaning Fred’s ears thoroughly, and herding Fry and Fred if they don’t listen to the humans

Fun Facts: Freja was adopted 2 years after Fred. She has been living with severe hip dysplasia for years and was the first dog to start a raw diet. She loves to play fetch and get ALL of the attention. She prefers goofy male dogs so she can boss them around — Fred and Fry are perfect for her!