Where We Shop

Please shop locally at a small business if you can. We are lucky to have a great one!


West Paw Toppl
GoDog Dragons
Fluff & Tuff
Frychops loves Helga the Hippo!



Julius-K9 Harnesses
White Pine Outfitters Collars
CSJCreations Biothane Leashes
Pomppa Outerwear
Gold Paw Petwear


Raised Right Treats
Northwest Naturals Raw
Steve’s Real Food Raw
Vital Essentials Raw
Answers Raw
Primal Raw

No one kind of food is perfect for every dog!
Fred, Fiona, Freja, Frychops & Bibbin’ thrive on a variety of balanced raw food.

1. Our dogs and cats share this balanced raw food by Steve’s Real Food.

2. Freja loves these balanced raw patties by Vital Essentials.

3. Freeze dried green mussels by Northwest Naturals are our favorite treats with anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. Freeze dried raw nibs by Vital Essentials are great training treats. We also use them in our Furbo!

5. All of the dogs and cats we care for love Answers Pet Food raw milk. Their fermented milk is an easy probiotic option.

6. Northwest Naturals has so many standout products. They offer treats for both dogs and cats, balanced freeze dried raw, and frozen raw options.

7. Green Juju’s blends are easy to thaw & share with every dog! They have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich, detoxifying, and gut-supporting properties.