About Us

Home of Fur is your resource for efficient animal care, resources and tips.

I’ve learned about animal care from incredibly smart people…and from my own mistakes that I wouldn’t want anyone else to make!  

The Human

My name is Emily and I was a CAT LADY until I met these incredible canines. Fred was my first dog as an adult. I adopted Freja from a samoyed rescue in 2016 to be his playmate/companion. In fall of 2016, I started fostering “death row” bully breed mixes. Josie arrived in spring of 2017 as a foster (who never left because she is a special case), and Fiona found her forever home with us in September of 2017.

I met my fiance Issac in 2018, and he and his boy Frychops (who is the same age as Fred and Fiona) joined us this year.

I recently discovered that two of my dogs are long lost siblings!

Meet Fred

Freddie was roughly a year old when he was brought to a park in Southern California and kicked out of a car. Fred tried to chase them, but they just drove away and abandoned him.

Luckily a wonderful couple witnessed these humans fail Fred and took him home before he was killed in traffic or sent to a nearby high-kill animal control facility. Since one of the witnesses worked at a private animal shelter, Fred was lucky enough to be accepted so he could be neutered and cared for until he was adopted if no one came forward during his stray hold.

No one claimed him, so he was available for adoption. Everyone who met him decided that he was “too much” for them. He was an energetic, excited and untrained adolescent husky mix, so he couldn’t go to just any home.

I was working as an Adoption Counselor at Fred’s shelter when he was brought in and felt an immediate connection. The general public was given several weeks to fall in love with Fred too, but no one adopted him. The deciding factor was a cat test — and he passed with flying colors! He joined our 3 cat pack on July 20th, 2014. He is Canine Good Citizen certified and is working on becoming an official Therapy Dog to bring joy to seniors, cancer patients and kids.

Meet Fiona

Fiona was living on a chain in Southern California before her humans decided that they wanted to “get rid of her” at their yard sale in 2017. She was free, so she could have ended up in a very dangerous situation.

She got lucky and went home with a dog lover who planned on networking her to find her a home. Since the local animal control is high-kill, it’s very difficult to place dogs (even perfect angels like Fiona!). A dog rescue crossposter shared Fiona’s information on Facebook, but no rescues came forward to help her.

I fostered a husky mix from the same area in 2016, so a networker who helped save his life tagged me on the post about Fiona because she was the same “type” of dog.

Thanks to a California rescue and 14+ incredible transport volunteers, Fiona escaped a horrible fate and traveled across the country to Wisconsin…and ended up with her long lost sibling Fred!

Meet Freja

Freja was adopted from Playing Again Sams, a Wisconsin-based samoyed rescue after she was rescued from a bad situation. She needed a goofy male as a companion and had been around chickens before, so since her prey drive was low, she was the perfect fit for a life with Fred and our cats.

Our “loud cloud” is a product of irresponsible breeding, so because of poor genetics, she suffers every day from hip dysplasia. She is a stubborn tomboy, so she was able to hide her pain VERY well until x-rays were done. She has had laser therapy and injections and takes regular supplements to keep her going.

Her chronic skin issues vanished as soon as she switched back to a 100% raw diet, so we are huge advocates for dog nutrition around here!

Meet Josie

Josie was found running around in San Bernardino, CA in 2017. The people who found her brought her to the local high-kill animal control to be reunited with her family, but no one came.

She was added to the urgent list and was going to lose her life for space, so a rescue pulled her and sent her to a foster home. Unfortunately, the foster was responsible for neglecting multiple dogs on their property while Josie was there, so she left with severe anxiety.

She joined another rescue dog on a transport trip to the Midwest thanks to 14+ amazing volunteers and traveled across the country to Wisconsin where she was going to be a temporary foster… and never left!

Meet Frychops

Fry was rescued as a puppy when humans failed him and abandoned him in an apartment. He was originally going to be a foster, but he quickly became a foster failure. Now he is a trained service dog for Issac. He is extremely dog friendly and an incredible addition to our pack.