Fry joined the pack when the humans met. He was obviously meant to be!

Fry was Issac’s foster failure when he was a puppy after he was abandoned in an apartment in Arkansas.

Nickname: FryFry

Hobbies: Watching for the mail, playing with his friends, and watching out for his #1 human Issac

Fun Facts: He is a certified service dog and loves every dog he meets! He is an APBT x AST x boxer mix.


Fiona came to us in 2017 after her former human gave her away at a yard sale in Perris, CA. We don’t know anything else about her past other than that they called her Diamond. A woman who was shopping ended up taking her in temporarily so she didn’t end up at a shelter.

A local rescue helped her get ready to travel across the country from CA to WI in September 2017 to be our foster.

Every update about her personality made it obvious that she would be a foster failure right away. She is PERFECT.

Transport volunteers from CA to WI got her safely to us, and she fit in immediately.

About 2 years later, Fred and Fiona got DNA test results that revealed that they are long lost siblings! Read their remarkable story on!

Nickname: Fiona Lucille, Moons, Baby GIIIIRL

Hobbies: Snugglin’, gazing at anyone she loves, picking up toys and gently pressing them on you so you throw them, asking for belly rubs, and being insanely sweet 100% of the time.

Fun Facts: She got along with everyone as soon as she arrived.

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