MASTER LIST: Julius K9 Powerharness

Living with 5 dogs over 45lbs can get chaotic pretty quickly, so I discovered that color-coordinating their gear makes adventures MUCH more efficient.

Vinnie the kitty is leash trained, so he is all up in my business whenever I touch anyone’s leash

I saw Julius-K9 harnesses within the dog community and finally decided that it was a good investment.

I chose their IDC® Powerharness because they are sturdy, easy to put on, have multiple color options, and also have a custom patch feature.

Freja is a fluffy samoyed, so a lot of people assume that she is friendly thanks to the samoyed craze on social media.

She is not a fan of strange dogs or kids, so a friendly patch is a good tool to train people to avoid approaching strange dogs in public without asking their handler.

Fiona and Fred’s patches are an invitation to follow them on Instagram!