Ruff Land Review

A lot of dog guardians create a “safe space” for their dog by crate training them. When I adopted our samoyed Freja, she was immediately obsessed with crates/kennels. If she sees an open kennel door, she’ll go right inside to take a nap.

We take frequent trips to our vet (that’s an hour away), so I needed a strong kennel for travel that is more durable than a traditional collapsible one. I did a lot of research to decide which design would fit our needs.

What I was looking for:

A kennel that could be used in a car or inside
A lightweight but sturdy design
Easy to clean
Color options

Freja was visiting our vet every week for hip, skin, and eye issues, so she needed to be protected while we were on the road.

Freja enjoys having a safe space to relax in.

When the dogs are at home, the only one who needs to be kenneled while we are gone is Bibbin’. She has a lot of anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out), so she can get into a lot of trouble if she’s having a meltdown while she’s unsupervised.

Ruff Land‘s design doesn’t seem like a cage, it’s relatively easy to move around, and the dogs prefer it over a traditional metal crate.

Ruff Land is releasing more colors!