Fred was adopted from a shelter in Southern California in 2014. Very little is known about his history. He was kicked out of a car in a local park when he was about a year old. Witnesses saw him try to chase the car, but they never stopped.


Nickname: Fredrick, Fredster, Babe, Baby Boy, Mr. Chips

Hobbies: Zoomies, snuggling, rummaging, opening doors and splootin’

Fun Facts: He was almost completely untrained when he was adopted. Now he is CGC certified and will become certified as an official therapy dog.

In 2017, a female dog in need traveled from California to Wisconsin to be our temporary foster. She was renamed Fiona, and immediately became our 2nd foster failure dog. In 2019, a DNA test revealed that she is Fred’s long lost sister. Read their remarkable story on!

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